Pass the MiC is back… just in time for a presidential election. Today, the team has put together a question-answer dialogue going over some common questions about today’s election. 

Host Rashika Rao goes over topics including COVID-19 safety at the polling booth, voting by mail, and what would happen if a candidate died during the election process. We also consider how to find hope in these stressful and fearful times, and ways to contribute to community beyond just voting.

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Make sure to listen to Part 1 of our election special, where we speak with students Cecelela Tomi, Maleny Crespo, and Chase Marshall about their feelings on today’s election, from voting and predictions to hopes and fears.

This episode was hosted and produced by Rashika Rao, edited and engineered by Victor Imbo, and audio produced by Joshua Thomas and Amananth Khandekar. The content producers for this episode were Camille Moore and Phoebe Kim.


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