On Jan. 6, you planned and executed an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. You wore shirts with slogans and logos threatening to further divide an already violently divided nation. You fought against, and threw a fire extinguisher at police officers, while flying the symbol you claim represents that their lives matter. You carried the American flag, while you threatened legislators that were trying to defend the freedom and democracy the flag represents. You stole mail, a computer and a podium. You broke windows and ripped apart signs of the People’s House. You destroyed the offices of elected officials — and for what? To prove a point? Because you don’t agree with the results of the election

We’ve been through this before, too many times. For centuries, white supremacists have voiced their hatred and power by claiming they are defending the American flag, while in reality they are disgracing it. That disrespect is blatantly hung over our heads in the form of the Confederate flag, the ultimate un-American symbol, to counter every plea for human rights. It was clear when you held that flag while strolling through the halls of the Capitol, that the only thing you were trying to defend was your racism. Since you have made your emotions so violently clear, I’m going to talk about how I feel, and you are going to listen.

I’ve gone through so many emotions since that day. I’ve been disappointed even though I’ve learned to expect nothing less from America. I’ve laughed this situation off because I’ve become so desensitized to the trials of living in this country. I have had moments of confusion trying to figure out how this whole situation happened, but I am quickly brought back to reality when I acknowledge that these kinds of actions are in fact American, even though politicians and some in the mainstream media say it isn’t. I’m frustrated because Black people are killed just for existing. When we peacefully protest, we are arrested, tear-gassed and hit with rubber bullets. You walk into the Capitol with guns while threatening to hang the vice president, and get to pose for pictures with police officers. I feel hopeless because I’m constantly given proof of why I should be afraid of the country I live in. I never knew how far you would take it, but on Jan. 6, you made it clear just how far you are willing to go. I’m crushed because it seems like so much work has been done to try and make America a welcoming place for everyone, but the cries for justice go in one ear and out the other, and are constantly dismissed and ridiculed by the very people who need to hear them. 

How can this hatred be so customary that you are willing to lose your lives and risk those of others? Why are human rights a political topic that we have to fight for over and over again? Every time we take one step forward, we fall ten steps back. How can we expect anything to change, when you –– and those I once thought I could trust amongst you –– are fighting to uphold racism, sexism and countless other harmful principles that are causing people to unfairly lose their lives? This shouldn’t be a problem. But it is. Seeing how violently divided the country is, it’s clear that you believe these disgusting ideas wholeheartedly. What will it take to show you that your beliefs are harmful? Why don’t you understand that white lives have never been at stake? White lives won’t be sacrificed with the results of this election. But everytime you suit up in your MAGA gear and take out your rifle, the lives of marginalized communities around you are at stake. But that doesn’t matter to you, does it?


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