The format for classes during COVID has been somewhat of a hit-or-miss situation. Having to stare at your professor through a screen for 50 minutes is difficult, both because of the lack of opportunity to ask questions and the lack of face-to-face interaction. However, as this semester comes to an end and finals are around the corner, it is easier to appreciate the accessibility of having all my lectures online. 

Even when in-person classes return, posting lectures online should become a regular part of attending classes. For reasons that are more relevant today than ever, it gives students who are unable to attend class a fair chance of catching up and understanding the material, while allowing students who are overwhelmed to go back and review class material at a more suitable pace. Having lectures posted online stresses the importance of thoroughly understanding the material rather than focusing on the quantity of information you are able to splatter on your page in a set amount of time. Not to mention, the availability of lectures online gives the opportunity for students to be more organized–I can pause and play my lectures whenever I want, which gives me the time to draw out color-coded diagrams, highlight my definitions and organize my notes on my page however I see fit. Going back to review my notes makes it exponentially easier to understand them as now I take the time to make sure I’m not missing any vital information from my lecture.

Students have different patterns of learning. While for some, it may not be a big deal to have your professor speak at 100 miles per hour, for others this may be the reason they are struggling in class. School should be more about focusing on the content being taught than focusing on how not to fall behind in class. Because of the pandemic, having lectures online allows students who may be facing difficulty at home or due to personal reasons to catch up at their own pace. Why should this be any different even once this pandemic is over?

Focusing on ways to make learning easier and more obtainable should be the priority of all classes. Posting lectures online regularly is a simple way to ensure this, holding students more accountable for their learning and less accountable for all the external factors that go into taking notes outside of the students’ control.