Growing up, I always loved to read. Some of my fondest childhood memories include going to the library with my mom to pick out books, and then reading them together. As I got older, I developed a passion for writing as well, finding my voice and feeling the true power the written word can hold. I enjoyed writing in my English classes, and I also wrote and continue to write in a journal as an outlet for my frustrations and emotions. I have never really considered sharing any of my writing, as I was never confident enough and never really felt like I had something very important or progressive to say. Stumbling upon this opportunity has opened my eyes to what could be, and I intend to make the most of it as I navigate my way through college as an Arab-American, Muslim woman.

Coming to the University from my predominantly Arab/Muslim city of Dearborn has been an awakening experience. I have been challenged and changed in ways I would never have thought of before. Throughout my first semester, I have met so many amazing, passionate and inspiring people, and learned their stories. I have encountered issues that have instilled me with anger, moved me with passion and inspired me to become an active part of the stories around me. Being a part of the Michigan Community Scholars Program and the Arab Student Association has helped me get to know people with different backgrounds while simultaneously connecting with those of similar social identities. The constant, ever-changing climate of social issues and problems that need to be addressed compel me to try and find ways to make an impact, big or small.

I enter MiC as an assistant editor with high hopes. Hopes of speaking my truths and becoming more confident in doing so. Hopes of learning the stories and struggles of other brave and bright students of color, all with unique experiences and stories waiting to be heard. Hopes of helping to create and maintain the fun, serious, loving space so fondly described by previous and current MiC members. Hopes of building meaningful friendships with the wonderful fellow editors. Words hold power, words have weight, words can teach and connect and inspire and heal. I hope to do my part in a space that allows the words of people of color to be heard because our stories are real, valid and important.


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