In many ways, my relationship with MiC has been emblematic of my changing relationship with myself and society that I have undergone throughout my three years of undergrad. I joined as a timid freshman, eager to find a community of supportive, revolutionary, social-justice oriented thinkers. Eager to share my thoughts and words, but afraid of being heard. I never saw myself becoming more than an assistant editor, let alone a managing editor. I never thought I would become confident enough to share something to be read by hundreds of eyes, let alone lead a section of brilliant editors and writers. But alas, here we are.


I owe so much of my development and my college experience to MiC and the founders and managing editors that came before me— Rima, Kayla, Jerusalem, Jason, Ashley, Carly and Na’kia, and to all my fellow editors and writers. This is where I found the power of stories and the difference they can make. This is where I learned that our experiences and our existence are revolutionary, that words can create an effect that reverberates through time and space, that the people you surround yourself with can be a driving force of inspiration and love. This is where I learned to truly listen to people, amplify their voices and envision ways to ensure this dynamic section continues to grow and evolve as we ourselves do. The stress of assembling a page at 11 p.m. with a load of schoolwork remaining untouched; the long nights in the newsroom turned long zoom calls; the nervous rush of finally seeing your work published online or printed on black and white paper, ready to be picked up by new hands every Monday morning; the pride of seeing the powerful work created every single day; the quick thinking and problem solving of all the talented people around me; the ongoing navigation through difficult issues and the documentation of poignant personal experiences — this is what brings me back to MiC every year. I truly wouldn’t be who I am without the magic of this section.


My hope is that we eventually move towards a world where people of color don’t need a separate space to be themselves and be as radical as they want to be. Where we feel at home everywhere. But until then, I will proudly walk hand in hand with my team as we create in a space that reflects us in our truest, most unapologetic forms. And as I move on from this role and my time at this University I walk in confidence that this team will carry us forward in truth, in power— in color.

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