From the moment I arrived on campus as a freshman, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality has been the closest thing to a community that I’ve had here. Each year, SAFE members exert all of our time and energy toward organizing educational programming, cultural celebrations and our hallmark human rights plea to the Central Student Government  — all simply to get the campus community to listen to us. We shoulder the burden of providing the campus with evidence of our own people’s oppression and are forced to watch as others decide whether our suffering is worth addressing. Each year we are either expected to suffer in silence or to relegate discussions of our worth to back rooms of coffee shops and rented out classrooms while we are faced with the ongoing struggles of our families in Palestine. If anyone expects us to sit in silence and do nothing, they are wrong. 

And yet, year after year, we propose divestment from these companies whose operations violate Palestinian human rights and every year our Central Student Government shuts us down. We are told calling for Palestinian human rights is too divisive. We are told that SAFE is a “hate group” and that advocating for basic standards of living is inherently divisive.

#UMDivest has united groups across race, religion, class, gender and schools — all in solidarity with justice for Palestinian students and our campaign. Two weeks ago, more than 50 members of La Casa flooded CSG chambers and told us their shared history of occupation compelled them to stand for divestment. The African Students’ Association, Black Student Union and the Negro Council of Women have signed onto our statement of support, cementing #UMDivest as an inherently anti-racist struggle. Groups on the front lines of organizing of our campus towards equity, from the Social Work Student Union to PILOT, are all on board. Dozens of Jewish students — many of whom are SAFE members — recognize our campaign cannot and does not exist in the framework of pro- or anti-Israel. This is a question of human rights. And the reality is, Palestinian human rights are being violated and ignored. Our #UMDivest campaign gives us the opportunity to elevate Palestinian voices that have been institutionally shut down time after time. In a year wherein our collective values of equity and inclusion have repeatedly come under attack, #UMDivest has given rise to a diverse, sprawling coalition of students across campus.

Every year we come out stronger than ever because we will never stop fighting against injustice. We will not let scapegoats of “divisiveness” and “dialogue” stop us from fighting for Palestinian human rights. With a large and diverse coalition of supporters standing with us, it’s time to include Palestinians into the progressive narratives that this University claims to hold.

In solidarity, sign our statement of support.

Student organizations that have signed our statement of support:

La Casa – Latinx Alliance for Community Action, Support, and Advocacy

Jewish Voice for Peace

Black Student Union

School of Social Work Student Union

School of Social Work Radical People of Color Collective

Muslim Students’ Association

LatinX Social Work Coalition

African Students Association

Students4Justice at the University of Michigan


South Asian Awareness Network

Yemeni Students Association

Middle Eastern North African Network

Collective Against White Supremacy

Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival

Iraqi Students’ Association 

Ann Arbor Young Democratic Socialists

Egyptian Student Association

Tricontinental Solidarity Network

Solidarity & Defense, Huron Valley

Arab Student Association

Michigan Muscle Club


Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.- Zeta Chapter

Arabesque Dance Troupe

The Muslim Coalition 

Books Not Bombs

Students Organize for Syria at U-M

Revolutionary Youth Alliance

United Asian American Organizations executive board

Coalition for Queer and Trans People of Color

Lebanese Student Association

Fair Labor Organizing at the School of Social Work

National Council of Negro Women at The University of Michigan

Bangladesh Student Association

Michigan Pakistanis


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