North Vietnam, March 2, 1965: United States Armed Forces began Operation Rolling Thunder, a bombing campaign meant to stop the Communist flow of supplies and soldiers into South Vietnam. It was largely a failure and resulted in thousands of civilian casualties.



She carried the debris for want of souvenir. 

Followed the trail to where her knees kissed 

dead grass and the dirt tried to claim her. All 

around, her neighbors danced, children moved 

from breakfast rice to limbo, their perfect noses 

to the sky. What excitement! What feverish 

change! She watched the boys toy with guns and 

country. Somewhere, someone was waiting for her 

to blossom into first blood. But she looked so soft 

dressed in charcoal-scented light, she seemed more 

smoke than girl. More party favor than refugee. Her 

throat shook with French fervor when she sang. And 

when she flew, her bones sprinkled the village sweet.


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