Music has always been an important part of my life. I think as I got older, I started to dive deeper into new and old genres. One glaring issue I found was the amount of Black women artists that were criminally underrated. Since it’s Black History Month, here’s a playlist of 5 albums made by Black women that you need to be listening to.



I stumbled into the synth-coated world of DUVV by accident late in 2017. It was by far my worst year of college, even if it was my first. My inability to push myself out of my anxiety-filled bubble led to an escapist dependence on music. Browsing the recommended albums on Spotify, I remember thinking “this cover looks cool” so I took a listen. Immediately, I was charmed with the beat of my personal favorite song, Are You Numb?. “Put away what you thought you knew about me”, DUVV’s high pitched, dream-like voice flooded my ears with instant bliss. This was the sound I was looking for. 

My Favorites: Are You Numb?, Creep, Dare to Dream

  1. LEGACY! LEGACY! – Jamila Woods 

The subject matter of Jamila Wood’s LEGACY! LEGACY! is right in the title. I had heard of Woods before, but LEGACY was what made me a fan. From the opening piano chords on BETTY, the first song on the album, I knew I would love this album. LEGACY turns is more than an album. It’s a history lesson entwined with lush instrumentals and vocals. Each song highlights 12 of Wood’s inspirations, from Basquiat to Eartha Kitt. Pitchfork has a great breakdown of each song here from Jamila herself that makes a great listening guide.

 My personal favorites? BETTY, BASQUIAT, and FRIDA.

  1. Eve- Rapsody

Eve has a special place in my heart. Similar to LEGACY! LEGACY!, Eve takes each song to highlight an icon — specifically Black women. If you aren’t familiar with Rapsody, now’s a perfect time to start. With a mix between hard-hitting raps and mellow beats, each song perfectly immerses you in its story. One example is Michelle for none other than Michelle Obama. “Welcome to the Black and beautiful lounge”, a gracious nod to not only our previous first lady, but to successful Black women in general. 

My favorite songs: Michelle, Iman, and Whoopi.

  1. The Jungle is the Only Way Out-Mereba

Mereba does it all. She raps, sings and creates timeless music. This album was high on my list of albums I loved in 2019 and for a good reason. This whole album deserves a full-length movie. She made a gorgeous visual EP that I adored, but  couldn’t help wishing it was even longer. Listening to this album in its whole gave me an experience reminiscent of finishing my favorite book — satisfied yet wishing it wasn’t over. 

My favorite songs: Stay Tru, Sandstorm, Planet U

  1. GIRLS- Yung Baby Tate

I wake up every day with the sole intent to listen to this album. In her debut album GIRLS, Tate manages to create an anthem for every type of girl. From the Mean Girl to the Rich Girl, Yung Baby Tate has got your back. Mixing her production skill, vocal talent, and punchy verses, Tate has a sound that’s completely her own. I always recommend it to people if they want something fun to listen to because that’s what it is — pure Black girl joy.

My favorite songs: That Girl, Hot Girl, Flower Girl

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