We are Uncover: A/PIA — Asian/Pacific Islander American — and the United Asian American Organizations, two pan-Asian-American student organizations at the University of Michigan. Earlier this year, at Columbia University, Chinese students experienced anti-Asian sentiments in their dormitories. Students with perceived Asian names had their name tags ripped off their doors. In response to this event, these students created a film about their experiences and created the hashtag #SayMyName to draw awareness to the incident and highlight the importance of their names.

We decided to organize a #SayMyName photo campaign and video interview in solidarity with the Chinese students at Columbia University. We are not attempting to equate our experiences with those of the Columbia students. Rather, in expanding the #SayMyName movement to the greater Asian/Pacific Islander community, we hope to showcase the diversity of students who stand alongside those at Columbia University. Our photo campaign and video interview feature narratives from students here at the University of Michigan. Both the photo campaign and the video can also be found on the Uncover: A/PIA Facebook page. If you feel compelled to join the #SayMyName movement, we encourage you to upload a photo of yourself with your own name story. Tell us why you think the movement is important and use the hashtag #SayMyName.



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