What is self love?

It’s not just spa dates and candle lit baths.

It’s not just mani-pedis and facemasks.

It’s not just what the media claims it to be,

But it can be all of that too.


In fact, it’s whatever you want and need it to be.

It’s sleeping in until noon, having breakfast for dinner,

And binge watching the Simpsons after work.

It’s not always glamourous or easy but it sure is important.


When Harold Green – poet, emcee, and visionary – said, “while you was resting I was reciting these pages…” I felt that. His poetry workshop helped me define and analyze the things that make me happy. My reflection allowed me to hold those things closer to my heart and never allow someone to take those bits of happiness from me. He reminded me not only of the work I must put in to take care of and love myself, but also of the strides I have made. My writing is the means through which I can continue to reflect on and build off of the love I have for myself.


Smart, funny and beautiful.

Black, educated and poised.

Proud in the way she carries herself.

Head held high, hair up, out or down.

Doubts that once filled her now free her.



He knows not of her value, struggle or worth.

Whisper, keep quiet, hush she will not.

No one needs to tell her what she is,

It is her work, her words that will remain.

Remember her through the hearts she touched.

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