The horrendous American school system.

“That’s not our issue,”

Say the people who see American children breaking down mentally and committing suicide due to a system of education that works the children to death, physically and emotionally.


Police brutality.

“That’s not our issue,”

Say some of the people of the U.S. who turn a blind eye to the fatal shootings done by police that take the lives of innocent young children.


Homeless people.

“That’s not our issue,”

Say some people as they walk back to their heated houses with food and water in the fridge while the homeless roam the streets with no money, no shelter, no food and are treated like animals.


Gun violence.

“That’s not our issue,”

Say the people who sit back and watch the news every evening, just to see another school shooting.


Climate change.

“That’s not our issue,”

Say the millions of people who sit back and look on as our Earth is slowly being destroyed by greenhouse gas emissions.



“That’s not our issue,”

Say the people that go about their days, ignoring the racial slurs thrown around and the racial violence that spreads through the streets



These are our issues,”

Says I, and we have so many more. Not only in the U.S. but around the globe, millions of people choose to ignore some of these issues that are overtaking our planet.


Soon, we will have little inhabitable land to live on, no water to drink from, and no clean air to breath. So while we try to clean the minds and hearts of people, we should also try to clean our Earth. Stop saying “that’s not our issue” and start doing something to change it. All of these issues are our collective issues and it is our job to stop standing by and start speaking up.


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