Courtesy of Ana María Sánchez-Castillo.

A single besito as smooth as a blue satin rose

Your red lips stain your baby girl’s forehead

her first and longest goodbye

They liken my mamí to a rose 

Lips curled into una rara sonrise — a rare smile

How melancholy a memory so fragile 

She disappeared along with the towers 

in 2001

Into thick trees of green 

— Our shared decay 

It’s probably more beautiful than I’m making it seem 

Branches become barren 

As velvet cold permeates 

The soil you seeped into 

Snow melts come spring 

Birthing plush mosses, flowers and forests of you 

Una sonrisa como las flores 

Que florecen en tonos de azul 

A smile like the flowers

That blooms in hues of blue 

Blue, like the depths of my longing 

To know the melody of your laugh 

The rhythm of your wisdom

Yet we meet in my dreams

In the embrace of my nieces 

In the hues of your eight blue roses

Our love lives in our souls 

Where the sun meets the clouds 

In my sueños I go to find you 

My first love, your soul’s reflection 

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