There’s a space between space and time that you’ve managed to reside in. A grey area that should have slipped through the cracks. But, you’ve managed to maneuver adhesive after adhesive into what was once shattered. This space between space and time used to seem endless. Like the union of black hole to infinity. Like the consolidation of now and then. Like the reality of an unwanted death during life. The space between space and time was massive yet miniscule. And you managed to fit right in. I don’t believe in fairytales. I don’t believe in the idea of one soul being my required mate. But, I’ve seen the grey turn to light. I’ve seen you slip through the cracks to make the space between space and time seamlessly disappear. I’ve seen my soul turn soft, and felt my knees grow weak. I’ve seen my smile frame many millimeters, and I’ve felt my eyes rain. In your presence, the space between space and time is lost. In your presence, there has never been enough space and there will never be enough time. In this life, your soul has proved to latch onto mine. And in this space and time, I don’t mind mating with a soul so fine. I’d let you fill my space until the end of time, for I’ll always be yours and you’ll forever be mine.  


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