Audrey Tang/MiC

To me, sorrow is the emotion that takes up the most space, weighing down my heart every time it strikes. Poetry is my remedy for it. It helps contain sorrow into a form the page can hold in my stead. In this way, poetry frees up room for more positive emotions. This collection is a reflection of what sorrow feels to me.

If you were me

If you were me

You would hold yourself tight

And weep in those arms

In the dark of the night

If you were me

You would let yourself drown

In a sea of sunsets

Till your heart ceases to pound

If you were me

You would reach out those hands 

To break through the noose

But to only find sand

If I were you

I wouldn’t say a word

Just hug myself tight

Till the world goes unheard

If you were me explores the hopelessness that comes with sorrow and the need to escape from it.

The Promise Never Kept

She was light 

With a tinge of darkness

She sometimes lied

But always from kindness

She lived

Until hope hid in the dark

And the dark erased her

And all that was left was me

So forgive me because 

I am not 

What she asked for

I am not

The person 

I promised her I’d be

The Promise Never Kept captures sorrow that stems from feeling like you have disappointed your younger self or a loved one.


The past is

The wind of lost dreams

Pulling me back

The present is 

The fractured light 

Keeping me upright

The future is

The fantasy of hope

Escaping my hold

Time shows how sorrow magnifies despair, and the way it consumes life in every direction you look. The poem also gives the sense that under sorrow, having hope is a daring thing.

Echo of My Heart

To feel

The echo of my heart

Look into my eyes

And you may learn

The truth in all the lies

To hold

The weakness of my heart

Linger in the gaze

And you may catch

The bruises of my soul

To guard 

The sorrow of my heart

Glance to break away

And I may keep

The secret to myself

Echo of My Heart comes from the idea that the heart is where our emotions lie. The poem conveys the need for empathy, for others to feel the echo of our emotions, but also the fear of reaching out to attain it.

Phantoms in the Rain

Scattered in the rain

Your reflection, I find 

Broken, misaligned

The way we intertwine

Each drop, the rain erodes

Skin, muscles, and bones

Each drop, hands on heart

Salvaging in vain

Phantoms, you and I

Destined to weather it

Phantoms, you and I

Forever side by side

Phantoms in the Rain demonstrates the power of knowing you are not struggling alone, and the comfort this realization gives when faced with sorrow.

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