It’s not your fault — it happens. The boredom swipes, the late-night text messages with a stranger, the Facetime calls. Somewhere between the “it’s nothing serious” and “it’s just for fun,” the unthinkable happened — you caught feelings for someone you met on a dating app. Now you’re three plus months in and haunted by the fact that the foundation of your relationship is a “ur really cute *heart-eye emoji*” DM.  

The real horror isn’t that you missed out on your perfect rom-com moment, or that you’ll have to tell your immigrant parents you were on a dating site. The real horror is that some day, if it all works out, you might have to tell your children that you only met because the height in their bio — 5’10” — didn’t seem like a lie. 

When my roommate brought her Tinder boyfriend home to meet the family for Thanksgiving, they constructed an elaborate story about how they met in the well-lit warehouse aisles of Costco. Their hands brushed as they reached for the same bag of Kirkland quinoa and the rest was history. The truth of the meager DM was nothing but a distant memory. 

If you and your partner also suffer from the embarrassment that is modern day love (gag), head to the MiC Instagram story @michiganincolor or scroll below to take the quiz and forgo the humiliation that is the story of how you actually met. Quickly determine the meet-cute you’ll brag about to your parents — and maybe even your future children. 


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