Styles, narratives, culture, music. This is SAMPLR magazine, snippets of content in different creative realms that showcase the beauty of Asians. We strive to cultivate a creative space that best represent individuals in the pan-Asian community and their intersectional identities.

In this issue, we want to start off this magazine by setting the tone with chic portrait photography and fashion trends, having Asians in Diaspora recreate those trendy looks. We then get more personal with narratives and cultures in later sections of the magazine.

We strive to uplift voices of Asians in Diaspora. However, this magazine is by no means perfect. With very limited resources, there is only so much we can showcase thru SAMPLR and it can be difficult to perfectly depict the diverse representations and uplift all the underrepresented voices in the community. We hope this is the start to a positive change!

Special thanks to my friends who contributed and helped me out on this personal project! Happy Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

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