My tequila on the rocks

Because rough edges make a real man.


Sin trabajo no se ase.


So… even my drunk I work

For. Sober I’m stuck, so I want more.

Lately, my garden’s fought droughts and weeds,

And we must thrust ourselves forward

If we want to succeed.


Planta la semilla y la flor no tarda en venir…


Those damn lilac soft lips,

Wide promiscuous hips,

And eyes that scorch me crisp

A description of an angel that feels so devilish,

it’s an eclipse.


Una vibra no cambia aunque la pintes.



 The bar’s reeking of a wretched liquor settles,


A fragrance of a magnificent meadow.

Promising so much,

I can almost feel her petals.


Pero en la fortuna, existe la inconsecuencia, no como la luna


Brown eyes are simple,

But yours are comforting

Honey chocolate melting pots.

When we saw each other, I was shot…

With shocks and lots of knots.


You’re right I need to shut up, I talk a lot.

Talking to kissing, if this isn’t love

Then what is missing?

With an invitation to my dorm, a thought was sinking.

Seductive thoughts, they must drown to avoid imagining the not-yet-existing.


Ahora no más es darle sol y pasión.

Así es como el romance de la rosa canta su canción.

 We’ve finally made it into my environment,

but I’m losing my flow.

I’ll pour one in that streams

like a fiery rain.


“You’ve had me waiting, are you just gonna stand there?”


A stare so rare that I must beware,

but if I’m being honest, I really don’t care.

Asking you if you were ready… my lasered sight was steady.

You had me breathing heavy, who knew oxygen was so scarce in heaven.

And I have a confession, the seven butterflies in my stomach became eleven.

If you were a poison, I’d want it prolonged like a slow killing venom.


Ahora hasta las flores brillan con tu amor. Cuando estoy a tu lado hasta siento el color.

Nada tan encantador como ese olor… Y entiendo que tus espinas te protegen,

te acaricio sin sentir el dolor.  


I woke up and you were up changing, well here’s my number, I’ll see you soon,

same arrangements?

“You are the cutest. Everything good doesn’t need to last forever, ya know?”

 Wait — What? I mean, I guess so.

But you know, I meant what I said, and more so

I would’ve done it all over again, if I knew there’d never be another hello.

Man wait, hell no, you know what? Thank you.

Even the rose that withers too soon, still gave a beautiful experience when it bloomed.

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