Like a lioness

Shielding her cub

With the length

Of her limb,


I shield them


They are one of mine—

Beaten and battered,

Weary and wilting—

I protect them


Do not confuse me

For the “pitiers”

Those who pride themselves

On stooping down

To help us, guide us


All the while,

Seeing us as their retribution,

Their ticket to heaven


I am not of them



For the longest time, I wanted to be

Like them,

To be able

To be like them


I didn’t want my

Holy ticket

I just wanted to


How it felt


How it felt

To help someone

“beneath” you


How it felt

To be the rescuers


How it felt

To save

Instead of being saved


But I have given up




I try

I try to protect

My cubs

We have all

Gone hungry—

Gone hungry

To the point

Where death was



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