Help! My name is gone

and I can’t breathe

Let me stand, please!


Let us stand

Now that he is dead let’s degrade

His only human mistakes

Let’s put him on a pedestal 

And play God

Recount his sins

Tattoo his broken neck

He shall not see the sacred kingdom

Of white Jesus

If I have anything to do with it

He resisted nearly 500 years of damnation 

and police badges

Let me remind you that law is in my hands

And I ruled the death penalty

But please

don’t praise me yet

There’s only so much I can do

To protect white America

From being taken by slaves.

They’ll be dead before 

judgement day

Or imprisoned for their Black crime.

We are all doing our parts

Take up your MAGA hats

To praise Trump for refusing

To put that n*****’s portrait in our history

And let us race over Black Lives Matter

Leave it sprawled on the streets like roadkill

For Justice is only a white man’s affordance

And our system proves that they 

Never belonged here in the first place.

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