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Pass the MiC has a new team! Meet new team members Sadia Islam (Content Producer), SJ Shin (Content Producer), Lauren Kouassi (Content Producer), Eilene Koo (Audio Producer), Wendy Qian (Audio Producer), Ayden Williams (Audio Engineer), and Kavya Uppalapati (External Outreach)! The entire team along with our new Executive Producers Eesha and Aman sit down to talk about cultural appropriation.

Since Halloween is approaching and costumes are abound, we find it often that some folks use other cultures to dress up for the occasion. Pass the MiC table tackles the meaning of cultural appropriation, the act of taking a symbol or cultural practice out of its original context and then plunking it down somewhere else where it becomes devoid of its original meaning. The team discusses the assumptions and biases one may have when appropriating culture, different visible examples, especially ones that dominate the online space and how we as people of color may approach this when we see other people of color appropriating culture.

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This episode was hosted by our entire team, produced by Eesha Nagwani and Amanath Khandaker, edited and engineered by Ayden Williams, and audio produced by Eilene Koo and Wendy Qian. The content producers for this episode were SJ Shin, Sadia Islam and Lauren Kouassi.

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