For the 1st episode: In this episode of Pass the MiC, Michigan alum and faculty member Mamma Beth discusses Black history on campus and how Black students’ activism has shaped our university today.

For the 2nd episode: In this episode of Pass the MiC, our producers discuss Black activism on campus and the need to create (and sustain) Black-specific resources at Michigan.

These episodes were published on various podcast platforms on April 18th but are now being published on the Daily website. You can listen to our podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, including Anchor, Spotify or Apple Podcasts. If you like us and want to send feedback, feel free to leave a comment on Spotify or a voice message on Anchor!

The content producers for these two episodes were Lauren Kouassi, SJ Shin, and Sadia Islam. The audio engineer was Ayden Williams. This episode was produced by Aman Khandaker and Eesha Nagwani.

P.S.: If you are a creative of Color or a member of a club of Color that would like to be spotlighted in a future episode of Pass the MiC, please fill out this Google form.

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