Pass the MiC has a new team! Meet new team members Gabrijela Skoko (Content Producer), Phoebe Kim (Content Producer), Joshua Thomas (Audio Producer), and Aman Khandekar (Audio Producer) as they sit down with host Rashika Rao to discuss the insidious, but wide spread concept of White Feminism. 

Pass the Mic table tackles the meaning of White Feminism, a movement that seeks out social, economic, and political recognition and equality for white women in relation to men while refusing to recognize these same needs for women with intersectional identities and disadvantages. The team discusses the toxicity of such a movement and the historical disregard for intersectional feminism that has been perpetuated by excluding non-white women and feminists. Despite the longevity of this fight for inclusivity, white media is only just now addressing the issue. Now, Pass the MiC wants to know why. 

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Then, the team segues into a discussion of how one might educate themself on social issues that might not be in their immediate circles, and why it’s just generally important. Often, the onus of responsibility for educating oneself falls on the community that’s being marginalized. In this episode, the team talks about the double standard inherent to that expectation and how to overcome it. The team invites you to contemplate why this problem might exist in the first place.

This episode was hosted and produced by Rashika Rao, edited and engineered by Victor Imbo, and audio produced by Joshua Thomas and Amananth Khandekar. The content producers for this episode were Gabrijela Skoko and Phoebe Kim.

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