In another two-part round table from Pass the MiC’s Fall 2019 season, Anu, Dierra, and guests Umaima Abbasi (she/her), Zoha Bharwani (she/her), and Sandra Perez (she/her) take on the complexities and difficulties that stem from the US immigration system. In Immigration Pt. 1 they discuss their backgrounds and experiences, the barriers in place keeping modern immigrants from realizing their ideal lives, as well as the concept of the ‘American Dream’ and whether it truly exists for immigrants today.

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Zoha, our creative of color for the episode, lends us some insight into her senior thesis play, Displace. She explains how her formative experiences in the United Arab Emirates, combined with the lack of accurate portrayals in the media, led her to write and create the show. You can find more about Zoha and her work at

Thank you again to all our guests. This episode was hosted and produced by Anurima Kumar and Dierra Barlow, edited and engineered by Inés Hidalgo, and audio produced by Monica Kim and Rashika Rao. If you’re interested in being on the show, have any questions, or just want to let us know you liked the episode, email,, and

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