Although the dean only allows the domestic students to swap sections,

That’s not discrimination. That’s just a policy.

Although a professor’s favorites all happen to be white

and she only lets them speak,

She’s not racist. That’s just a coincidence.

Although your class points at a random Asian figure in a drawing and asks

“Is that you?”

They’re not racist. They’re just dumb.

Although someone who sits next to you looks down and throws handouts,

She’s not racist. She’s just rude to everyone.

Although a shopper cringes and complains about you speaking Korean in public,

She’s not racist. She’s just distracted.

Although a police officer enters your room and speaks to you in condescending language,

She’s not racist. That’s just her job.

That’s just your paranoia. That’s how it works. That’s how they are.

When something offends you, it’s just a coincidence.

Once you point it out, you are the racist.

So please, remain silent. It’s just you.

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