To my talented Black Queens, 

The love I have for you is indescribable. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished. In the music industry, you continue to set the standard, raise the bar, dominate and make us proud. Flo Milli’s flow is unmatched, and Cardi always comes through with the dynamic visuals. JT and Caresha create a lifestyle all City Girls strive for, and Saweetie’s impeccable style and business hustle are not to be messed with. Megan’s rhymes and confidence make us all turn into Hot Girls. Nicki Minaj is the Rap Queen, and Doja’s style changes are so effortless. You ladies have followed in the footsteps of the greats including Queen Latifah, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliot and Salt-N-Pepa, and continue to dominate the rap game. 

But Black women aren’t just taking over rap music. They’re dominating R&B. Chloe x Halle are a power team that always comes through with the mesmerizing harmonies. Kehlani and Victoria Monét’s pens have me repeating verses two or three times over before I finish their songs, just to make sure I catch all of their clever word plays. H.E.R. and Solange’s moving messages produce emotions that are so powerful, and the combination of Jhené Aiko’s soft voice and her soothing instrumentals ringing through my ears creates such a magical and comforting experience. SZA’s lyrics always make me feel like she is speaking directly to me and describe exactly how I’m feeling. Jazmine’s strong voice is unmatched, and her timeless music is somehow nostalgic while also sounding fresh over a decade later. You ladies continue to prove that no one is touching the power of Black women and R&B. I am loving every millisecond of it.

You aren’t one-dimensional. No. You are multi-talented Queens that demand your worth be known in every aspect of society. Lizzo isn’t stuck in one musical genre –– my unapologetic queen can do them all. Rihanna is killing it in beauty, fashion, music and everything in between. Teyana Taylor is a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and director; I mean, is there anything she can’t do? Beyoncé leaves me in awe 24/7. No words can describe her impact. With her impeccable music, vocals, films, music videos, jaw-dropping performances and incomparable Ivy Park line, she has shown that girls have run the world for decades. You ladies are capable of so many great things, and you do it all so gracefully. 

People constantly compare you all, and I know it can be a lot. The haters persistently tell you that you don’t belong on the pedestals where you so firmly reside. They constantly body shame Lizzo and Megan. They call Beyoncé untalented. They created drama between Nicki and Cardi to distract from their immense talent. The disrespect Black women endure is hard and undeserved. But you continue to rise above the hate, shine, support one another and succeed. There are so many more Black women killing it; I can’t even name them all. You’ve changed my life more than you could ever know. The confidence boost I get every time I open Apple Music is unreal. You make me feel like I can accomplish anything just by being my unapologetic self. Everything about you is admirable, inspirational and flawless. I love you, and feel so lucky to be alive to witness such greatness. Keep killing it!




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