An American tradition

It’s been imprinted in our fate

Another Black man slain

Prematurely sent to Heaven’s gates



Why is it they resent my dark skin?

It seems this country deems my complexion

As the most egregious sin


From Till to Floyd 

And the hundreds in between

I often think to myself

The next could very well be me


Another statistic in the book, right?

Another innocent life wrongfully taken away

Then we grieve, the pain fades

And we play the waiting game


It truly is a “hard knock life” 

Jay said it best

Each day we walk 

Not knowing if we’ll see the next


When the red and blue lights flicker

As I pull over to the side of the road

I pray, petrified

That it is not my time to go


To my Black kings

Stay strong and continue to fight

One day this world

Will get it right


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