I imagine her waves, before I enter 

like hands softly caressing the sand of the shore 

They ease their way towards my feet 

And we meet each other halfway 

Halfway between 

serenity and death 


The balance of 

Delicious paradise and ominosis danger 

Of which the ocean encompasses 


Reminding me that in this part of the world we experience pain when we need to 

Sometimes it does not make sense, but everything is not meant to 

These forces, like us, have the control to make integral decisions about what is and what is not 


There comes a point, a point of surrender 

Where this larger strength teaches you it can bare more than you 

And you mustw let it 


I sink further into this notion 

Into her motion

and it all begins to feel more like breathing


She builds her waves with an inhale scooping me onto her tongue 

It is possible that with this momentum she may swallow me whole 

But her exhale pushes me in the direction of the shore

where she relinquishes all that does not serve her 


Today she pulls me in more then pushes me out 

And keeps me balanced in the warmth of her mouth 


I sing to her my gratitude

sometimes a hum 

sometimes the sum of all her power

For this she sings back in the music of fluidity 


like a child, a baby of which she adores

she cradles me and rocks me melodically 

Like a whispered soft song 


I learn she is as grateful for me as I of her

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