We’ve seen her belt at the top of her lungs to Beyonce’s “Love On Top”. We’ve witnessed her serve witty comebacks as Diane in the popular hit series “Blackish.” Now we finally get to see this little queen achieve greater feats. As if Black History Month couldn’t get any better, Marsai Martin is shining a light and reminding us of the power, fearlessness and ambition that Black Girl Magic was born from.

Not too long ago, Marsai took the internet by storm when it was revealed that she officially made history as the youngest Executive Producer in Hollywood. For this young queen’s upcoming film Little, fourteen years old isn’t looking too shabby.

As if this isn’t enough to give Marsai her well-deserved accolades, the entire concept of the film was her idea. When she was only 11-years old, she pitched her idea to “Blackish” writer Kenya Barris, which was all it took for the next door to open. Marsai reported that Kenya Barris made the phone call to Will Packer, producer of “Girls Trip”, and told him just how dope her idea was.

Tracy Y. Oliver revealed further details from behind the scenes regarding the highly anticipated film and its Executive Producer on her Instagram. She said, “I went in Universal to do a joint pitch with a then 11-year old @marsaimartin for this movie that she dreamt up. So young, but so confident. Way more than me. Thank you for the honor of writing this movie. Proud of you, girl”. So, not only is our beloved Marsai Martin an amazing actress, it seems like she’s now a triple threat with more to add to her resume.

Marsai has also managed to successfully nab a production deal with Universal Pictures. Her company Genius Productions just recently signed a deal with Universal in which she’ll be developing her own scripted projects for the company. Her first project with Genius Productions is set to be a film called “StepMonster,” which is a comedy film similar to her upcoming movie, “Little.”  As if it were any surprise, Genius Productions already has a few fans excited and fellow celebs congratulating Marsai on her astonishing accomplishments. Marsai is definitely giving Hollywood what it needs as far as comedy, creativity and representation.

Overall, Marsai is not wasting time or even dabbling with the idea of limitations. The triple-threat actress is making her mark and letting it be known that, despite her age, her boundless spirit and talent is a force to be reckoned with. More importantly, this deal is not only significant to fellow young actresses or even young girls, but it’s an eye-opener for the Black community. This young queen represents that regardless of size, we’re capable of extraordinary feats. In truth, her accomplishments show that as a people, we naturally connect and we’re only scratching the very surface of what lies beyond the sky, we have several infinities to conquer before we even utter the word “done.” Marsai even told Teen Vogue about her high hopes of what we can accomplish by saying, “I hope that in 21 years, we won’t even have to be a first anymore: First black woman to do this, or first black male, or first woman to do that… I hope that we always have diversity, that we have equality and representation every step of the way.”


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