(Initially, these poems were written in French, but they have been translated into English below for the sake of understanding. To read the original collection in French, visit this link).

*“Jah” or “Yah” is the Rastafarian equivalent of God. 


Home is me.

Home is me. 

Stubborn. Scared of your own Soul. 

so the Soul maintains residence behind flesh. 

Unsure if home should be insanity or if you are insane.

Collecting remnants of human art and refiguring it into thought, 

And only the Conscience is maintained.

I know I am insanity because 

You will not call me citizen — but what is insanity when defined by you, who will not even call me citizen. 


Kill me: Dirty country 

Dirty Water. Dirty Water. Dirty Water.

Cleanse this skin of bullets spring-

ing off our brothers’ backs, into our mother’s home- 

we all return, yet we prefer to think of home nostalgically. “Remember spring.”

We do not feel safe anymore so we cling onto season like it is our mother’s home. 

Dirty country sing. Dirty women come in spring. 

You see that we are thirsty for what is beneath us. Yet, we remain null of spring

To drink from. To heal with. To bathe in- 



Now void of communion, you force them to drink like bullock from spring. 

My brothers are not animals screaming

“Kill me dirty, country pissing spring”.

“Woe is me—” no, trigger is woe. 

See how sin brings spring and spring triggers Dirty Water — 




Death is what you bring to thee.

Death of an unforgiving self,

Let me speak on what you have denied me. 


Actually, do not permit me, for I no longer seek your permission.

Or your acceptance.


We will no longer waste our breaths, for now We are one person and one party.

The people’s party. 

We are a mindset.

We are a movement.

We are an earth to build atop of.


So, forget what they have taught you. 

Do not call them master,

Master yourself.


Remind them you are human.

Tell them you disagree. 

Create life from your own soul.

Fertilize freedom; new earth. 


You will be misnamed— but what you create will be understood.




I am free at last—

That is what you told me.


Appease the man—

This is what you meant.


Redeem yourself in my expectation—

This is what you meant. 


Lend me the fruits of your labor—

This is what you meant. 


Accept your master as God; as savior—

This is what you meant. 


Freedom is not for you—

This is what you meant. 


I am not the fool—

This is what I achieved.


I am wiser than your wisdom—

This is what I achieved.


I am freer outside of you.

But I will not give you thanks. 




I write for a people raised to kill themselves.

A people given the scraps of life, and told to make do. 

Leftovers that produce fatality. 


We avenge— in Jah 

In water

In fresh fruit

In vegetables

And meditation. 

We avenge.

In the land provided by Jah.

We do not consume that which he did not create

Because it has been given for our conquering. 


We have seen you try

In shackle 

In kin and ship 

In new land and leadership.

You have threatened in poison

And Jah has brought back remedy. 


After remedy.

After remedy.


Grapevines guiding me

Addiction is like prayer begging for release. 

Craving freedom from self,

Entropy is me

Freedom is not—

Guiding me home.

Hanging me slowly; Hanging me slow til’

Inmate is me


Jah becomes Kinship Like Motherhood.


Or Nectar from Mother

Or Pride 

Do not share Remorse with those who hang me 

but String me in grape vine.

Take me back to Jah.

Unwind my spine of swine.

Veil me in honeysuckle; call me sweet.

Wait for me, wonder is me. Yield to youth. Zion come soon. 




Bend— find earth.

Meet earth. 

Bow to earth, meet Jah. 


It does not matter that they have forsaken you,

But you now know they seek to forsake you. 

Pray their intentions away. 


It does not matter that they do not see you, 

But you now know they do not want to understand. 

Pray their ignorance away.


It does not matter that you do not appease them,

But you now know to look elsewhere.

Pray their rejection away. 


Pray for good intention—

To be accepted by what nurtures you.


Pray to be seen—

By yourself and by Jah; elsewhere, you only need be felt. 


Pray to disrupt—

The mind of anyone who assumes You should appease them. 


Find Self love in prayer. 

“I love you, Jah” meaning “I love you, Self”.



“I love you, Jah” meaning “I love you, Self”.




Finding Yah

Finding Self. 


Finding peace

Finding wealth. 


Finding health 

Finding power. 


Finding strength 

In desperate hour. 


Finding humility

Fighting grief.


Finding truth 

And relief. 


Finding kingdom

Finding throne.


Finding Yah 

And finding home. 


Glory: she

In brown liquor sip, I hear you — as if through God. 

Praying to an ambiguous disbelief, I see you. 

Ambiguous disbelief — is it God you are unsure of or is it self. And if it be self, does that make you God, or is flesh your only faith? 

I ask you what is soul.

You pray to a God that looks like your mother, but you still do not believe in Her. If She does not exist, then Guide me to God’s Grapevine, for I must see its womb. And I will rejoice, understanding that my sorrow’s bow rested in a ceased ambiguity. I am free, at last, on heaven, within earth. 


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