My tía is called crazy
A red-lipped beauty marked 
    H o t  t a m a l e 
She will turn a room hot or cold in one look 
Her presence, one of adoration and remorse
From seatbelt checks to hospital sit-ins 
she taught me that to be crazy was to be free
To drive fast blasting emo love songs 
To cry at the steering wheel 
To laugh, passing through stop lights
In light of our bound
Of heartbreak, disaster and communion 
My sanctitude lies in her arms 
she taught me that
Mis hermanos mis primas y todos mis sobrinas 
Your smile exudes the light of the stars 
You feel like history
You are powerful and wise 
beyond your years 
My gratitude is lost in your holding gaze 
On roses and Famous Taco we share 
I’m thankful for your rose 
Your thorn and your blush petal
Lessons of love and loss 
I forgive you for all the pain 
The tears of our ancestors that carry 
Your cries, oh how they vary 
In songs and platitudes 
In emotion and in the lack thereof 
The coldness of your gaze on enemies 
Though no one can cross you like blood 
the love still remains 
A love letter to my sonrisas 
The songs of amorfoda we sing 
In unity, in desperation, in amor de siempre
Debajo La Misma Luna 
Mi amor la luz 
Mi amor de luz 
La luna se encuentra con el sol al crepuscular
Saber tus ojos 
Tu tranquilidad
Mi potencial 
Nuestro feliz canta la misma canción bajo la misma luna 
Besan por la última vez al alba 
Decir adiós al mañana 
para siempre y nunca más
Mi amor de la luna 
Mi santa eterna
Verte es conocer la danza de las almas
Las caderas del océano,
 la luna y la marea
Sincopan al ritmo
De azúcar que rueda de los labios
El dulzor te conoce bien 
Como pensaba, yo también lo hice
Mi eterno enamorado 
My love the light
My love of light 
The moon meets the sun at twilight 
To know your eyes
Your tranquility 
My potential 
Our happy sings the same song, 
beneath the same moon 
They kiss for the last time at daybreak 
And say goodbye to tomorrow
Forever and never more 
My love of the moon 
My eternal saint 
Seeing you is knowing the dance of the souls 
The hips of the ocean 
The moon and the tide 
Syncopate to the rhythm
Of sugar that rolls from your lips 
The sweetness you know well 
As I thought I did too 
My eternal valentine