My eyes are hazel

You’re not Latina enough


My hair is thin and light brown

Still, not Latina enough


My skin is white

Not at all, Latina enough


I was born in America

Definitely, not Latina enough


My body is pear shaped

Can’t be Latina enough


I speak Spanglish

For sure, not Latina enough


I don’t like too much spice

Seriously, you’re not Latina enough


In everyone’s mind

I am not Latina enough


I do not check off the stereotypical boxes

Of being a Latina


But, en mi corazón y acciones

I am Latina enough


In white spaces, I empower mi gente


When they are not included, I make spaces for mi gente


When they are mistreated, I stand up for mi gente


When it is difficult for them to speak English, I translate for mi gente


I will always stand con mi gente


Therefore, I am more than Latina enough


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