dirty water. dirty water. dirty water.

cleanse this skin of bullets spring—

ing off our brothers’ backs, into our mother’s home—

we all return, yet we prefer to think of home nostalgically. “Remember spring.”

we do not feel safe anymore so we cling onto season like it is our mother’s home. 

dirty country sing. dirty women come in spring. 

you see that we are thirsty for what is beneath us. yet, we remain null of spring

to drink from. to heal with. to bathe in— 

dirty water. dirty water. dirty water. 


now void of communion, you force them to drink like bullock from spring. 

my brothers are not animals screaming

“kill me dirty, country pissing spring.”

“woe is me” no, trigger is woe. 

see how sin brings spring and spring triggers Dirty Water and I cannot breathe. 


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