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Celestial Motion (09/28-10/04):

Hi everyone, Andy here with the semester’s fourth weekly horoscope! This section, “Celestial Motion”,  offers general information for all signs (such as the dates of relevant events). For the fullest reading experience, please read this section first before skipping down to your sign. To learn how I write these horoscopes, check out my explanatory column here.

This week only consists of transits, starting with a Venus trine Neptune transit on Sept. 29. This is a great time to explore romantic fantasies and relax. You can also use this time to explore any potential creative ideas you’ve been considering. On the same day, the sun forms a trine with Saturn, which predicts that your past efforts will be rewarded. You will be very determined at this time, so it is the perfect opportunity to work toward your long term goals. The next day, Venus forms a square with Jupiter, which is the first potential negative transit of the week. While this connection encourages socialization, you may feel tempted to neglect your responsibilities in favor of partying. Keep your priorities straight at this time.

On Oct. 1, Mercury creates a square with Pluto, forming possibly the hardest transit of the week. At this time, conversations may get more tense than necessary and difficult ideas may force you to challenge your preconceived notions of life and the world. Try to remain open minded and see issues from multiple perspectives, even though it may be difficult. The next day, Venus forms a sextile with Pluto, indicating that all types of interpersonal connections can become much deeper. The final transit of the week occurs on Oct. 3, when Mercury creates a trine with Jupiter. This is a great transit to end the week since it heralds good news and encourages us to be optimistic about the future.


The Venus trine Neptune transit might cause you to fantasize about romance, especially since Neptune is in your 12th house of subconscious. Since your Venus is in your eighth house of merging and rebirth, your introspection on relationships may lead you to re-evaluate your boundaries and desires. When the sun trines Saturn, the effort you’ve been putting into your partnerships with people who share your intellectual interests will pay off. When Venus squares Jupiter, you may feel the urge to procrastinate on your work in order to pursue something fun, but this is not a good time to slack off. Mercury’s square with Pluto indicates intensity within your work partnerships and may challenge your thinking. Especially since Mercury is still in retrograde, make an effort to be gentle in your conversations about work. Venus’s sextile with Pluto brings a fiery intensity to your love life, particularly if you’ve met someone in a professional setting. This is also a good time to examine how you truly feel about someone or figure out how they truly feel about you. The week ends with Mercury’s trine with Jupiter, signaling good news for your love life and a generally optimistic outlook on life.


When Venus trines Neptune, you will form much more intimate connections in both your romantic relationships and your friendships. The sun’s trine with Saturn forecasts that the effort you’ve invested in reorganizing your work schedule will be rewarded. However, you need to remain focused on your work because the Venus square Jupiter transit may try to distract you from your career. This is a good time to socialize, but don’t make friends with people who don’t appreciate or value your work. Mercury’s square with Pluto may push you to question your life’s purpose. You may feel that you are not useful enough to other people, but this is all in your head; remember that you are loved. With Venus in your seventh house of relationships forming a sextile with Pluto, your romantic connections are getting much more serious, and you need to think about what you truly desire in a relationship. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter brings good news for your career, and you should start to organize your professional goals because the future looks incredibly bright for you right now.


Your mind is brimming with ideas, and this Venus trine Neptune transit is the perfect time to organize and pitch these creative projects in your workplace. The sun’s trine with Saturn empowers you to learn more about how you can execute your creative ideas. Don’t be afraid to take on more responsibility and think about your long-term goals. Your scatter-brained nature is only exacerbated by the Venus square Jupiter transit. Write things down so you don’t forget important tasks and be sure to keep your home and office clean and organized. Mercury’s square with Pluto indicates that you are ignoring an idea that challenges your current way of thinking. You would rather ignore it and focus on having fun rather than evaluating your lifestyle and growing from your past oversights. Don’t run away from your problems, Gemini. Venus’s sextile with Pluto will allow you to form some ”deep connections” given that your Pluto is in the eighth house of ”intimate affairs.” Mercury’s trine with Jupiter indicates a good time to make plans to enjoy yourself and pursue any knowledge that interests you.


Venus’s trine with Neptune is encouraging you to explore your creative interests. A reward for the time and energy you’ve invested in your home and family life will trigger an important period of rebirth for you when the sun trines Saturn. When Venus squares Jupiter, you may experience a creative block and attempt to distract yourself with other things, but you need to face this obstacle head-on in order to overcome it. Mercury’s square with Pluto may put your partnerships and your family at odds. Secrets may be uncovered, causing a shift in your thinking and ability to communicate. Instead of being forceful and aggressive when presented with conflict, try to understand everyone’s concerns and create a solution that is best for everyone. Venus’s sextile with Pluto deepens your romantic relationships, but you also may feel more protective of your privacy. Don’t be afraid to defend your boundaries until you are ready to let people in. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter heralds good news regarding your home and family life, and this may inspire you to turn over a new leaf.


Now is a great time to transform your living space as Venus in your fourth house of home and family trines Neptune in your eighth house of rebirth. Now is also a good time to dream about the future and indulge in some self-relaxation. When your ruling planet, the sun, trines Saturn, the energy you’ve invested in your partnerships will be rewarded. Venus’s square with Jupiter may encourage you to socialize a lot more, but be cautious not to shirk your responsibilities in favor of partying. Mercury’s square with Pluto may leave your mind disorganized and unable to articulate your thoughts. You may become embroiled in arguments, but try to remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas rather than insisting you are right all the time. Venus’s sextile with Pluto deepens your existing relationships and allows you to organize your true feelings and desires in your mind. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter encourages you to socialize more because those connections will prove useful in the future.


Venus’s trine with Neptune is all about love for you. You may have buried your feelings deep within your heart in order to focus on work, but now is the time to let your mind fantasize about a relationship and socialize in order to discover the qualities you want in a partner. The sun’s trine with Saturn encourages you to organize your affairs for the most productive work environment and reassures that your determination will be rewarded. When Venus squares Jupiter, you may be tempted to overspend on items you don’t necessarily need. Spend a little more time considering whether this material possession is worth the price. Mercury’s square with Pluto may stir up conflict within your relationships. Your desires may not align with someone else’s, so you will need to compromise. Try to be open minded and gentle when negotiating with others. Venus’s sextile with Pluto encourages you to take a break from work and spend time forming deeper connections with your friends or romantic partners. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter signals an opportunity to gain more material fortune. You can achieve all your goals as long as you stay organized, which is one of Virgo’s greatest strengths.


The Venus trine Neptune transit presents the perfect opportunity to organize your romantic relationships or money matters. You may have been considering many different options, and now is a good time to make a pros and cons list to objectively weigh the value of every situation. The sun’s trine with Saturn will set you in a very optimistic mood, and you will achieve great success by working hard and always aspiring for more. Venus’s square with Jupiter may encourage you to spend frivolously, so make sure to think twice before dispensing a large amount of money. Mercury’s square with Pluto may reveal a rift forming between you and your home and family life. Your desires and identity may not align with what your family expects from you. While it can be difficult and painful, this transit will push you to dig deeper into your own self image and re-examine your innermost desires. When Venus forms a sextile with Pluto, your love life becomes extremely intense, causing you to trust your partnerships as if they were family. You are forming truly meaningful connections at this time. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter encourages you to just enjoy socializing with others and bouncing around ideas for new creative prospects.


Your fantasies of love and relationships are running wild as Venus forms a trine with Neptune. The sun’s trine with Saturn indicates that you can learn a lot from elders in your family, and you should take time to talk with them more. Venus’s square with Jupiter indicates that you are comfortable just spending time at home, but you shouldn’t neglect your responsibilities right now. Mercury’s square with Pluto may lead to the acceptance of a difficult truth that challenges your current perceptions of the world. When the Venus sextile Pluto transit occurs, your romantic connections become much more close, and you may finally feel comfortable trusting them more. Lastly, Mercury’s trine with Jupiter is bringing good news from your family and encourages you to ponder your aspirations for the future.


Venus’s trine with Neptune is making you wonder how you can show more appreciation to your family through service. The sun’s trine with Saturn signals that the amount of time you’ve spent conversing with potential new friends will pay off. You’ve always had trouble staying committed to your duties, and Venus’s square with Jupiter may provide even more of a distraction for you. Focus on your goals and do not let yourself get off-track until you have fulfilled your responsibilities. Mercury’s square with Pluto may cause strife in your friendships concerning either a financial or love conflict. Try to understand the other person’s point of view and de-escalate the conflict until both of you can be level-headed about the situation. Venus’s sextile with Pluto opens up new prospects for your love life or presents an opportunity to deepen an existing connection. When Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter, you should organize your schedule in order to spend more time with as many friends as possible.


Venus’s trine with Neptune finally allows you a chance to relax and spend time getting to know new people. However, you’ll soon shift your focus back to work. Fortunately, the sun’s trine with Saturn indicates amazing success regarding your finances and your career. Now is a good time to take more responsibility, but only if you are confident that it won’t bring on any more stress. Venus’s square with Jupiter may cause you to be less cautious about your spending, so be extra careful before making any big purchase. Mercury’s square with Pluto might cause internal tension between your inner desires and your current career trajectory. Be certain that your goals align with your personal wishes, or else maybe you should reconsider your professional interests. The Venus sextile Pluto transit greatly fortifies your friendships, so don’t be afraid to lean on others more often. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter foretells good news in your career, and the future is looking exceedingly bright for you as long as you keep working hard.


Venus’s trine with Neptune encourages you to think about your career goals in more detail so you have a much clearer image of what you are working toward. When the sun trines Saturn, your reflections on your core identity are helping you navigate through life. Venus’s square with Jupiter may leave you feeling distracted from the responsibilities of your professional life, but you must not neglect your responsibilities. Remember why you are working toward your career goals in the first place. Mercury’s square with Pluto can lead to doubt and negative thoughts spiraling out of control. However, not every disastrous thought is true, and you need to remember that catastrophizing everything is not a rational or realistic response to a minor issue. Venus’s sextile with Pluto deepens your relationships within your workplace, making your professional environment much more comfortable. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter encourages you to draw out your vision for your ideal future and develop a plan to work toward it.


Venus’s trine with Neptune allows you to relax and daydream of your ideal relationship or your next creative project. The sun’s trine with Saturn indicates an emotional breakthrough that triggers a total upheaval of your lifestyle. While that sounds challenging, you will be much more focused and satisfied with your life after this shift. Venus’s square with Jupiter indicates that you may be avoiding an uncomfortable realization in order to uphold the stability of your life, even if this change would improve your life in the long run. When Mercury squares Pluto, conflict may arise in your friendships as a result of miscommunication. Try not to approach the conflict with a purely emotional response and instead try to reason everything out rationally. After this period of tension, Venus’s sextile with Pluto indicates that your friends will grow much closer to you as a result. Mercury’s trine with Jupiter presents the opportunity for new emotional and spiritual growth as you plan for the future.

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