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Celestial Motion (10/05-10/11):

Hi everyone, Andy here with the semester’s fifth weekly horoscope! This section gives general information for all signs (such as the dates of each important event). For the fullest reading experience, please read this section first before skipping down to your sign. To learn how I write these horoscopes, check out my explanatory column here.

The first major transit of the week regards Pluto, which can be rare since Pluto has such a slow orbit that it hardly moves to a new position in the zodiac sign wheel or forms aspects with other planets. This week, Pluto still does not change signs or form aspects with other planets, but it ends its retrograde cycle on Oct. 6. During a retrograde, from our vantage point on Earth, a planet appears to move backward through the sky; thus, its associated functions (e.g. Mercury is associated with communication) become increasingly difficult to navigate and our personal challenges involving that planet’s associated functions largely turn inward. For example, Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence, so outside of retrograde, its energy pushes us to talk to other people and share our ideas. When Mercury enters its retrograde cycle, its usual functions shut down, which is why Mercury retrograde is associated with forgetfulness and difficulty articulating our thoughts. When a planet appears to be moving forward (the outside of the retrograde phase) its motion is called “direct.” In contrast to retrograde, directness means that planets are performing their usual functions and their energy is felt externally, so Mercury’s direct cycle encourages communication with other people. When a planet transitions from retrograde to direct, it appears to briefly stop moving as it switches directions, and this is called “stationing direct.”

Pluto rules mystery, power and negativity. While it’s in retrograde, Pluto forces us to examine the dark parts of ourselves and makes us discover the power we have within ourselves to change. However, once the planet stations direct on Oct. 6, we receive the opportunity to control the direction of our lives, rather than just fantasizing about it.

The day after Pluto returns to its direct motion (Oct. 7), Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This is a relatively stark contrast as Scorpio values intimacy with one person while Sagittarius spreads the love to everyone. Venus in Sagittarius is a pretty relaxing time since there is less emphasis placed on hidden feelings, building trust and commitment and more emphasis on truth and general happiness. This transit is very laid-back and uncomplicated, so savor it before Venus enters Capricorn next month, which will place a lot more emphasis on work relationships and career ambition.

On Oct. 10, Saturn stations direct as well. Saturn is the planet of maturity and limitation, meaning that the planet’s energy will throw many difficult situations at us. While Saturn’s retrograde cycle forces us to confront our inward struggles, Saturn’s direct cycle causes us to experience tests of discipline externally. These can often be even more difficult because we do not have control over other people’s actions. However, the challenges from Saturn’s direct station always serve to help us mature and learn discipline. If you can remain calm and identify the issues you’re facing at hand with a critical approach, you can find its solution as well. Saturn also remains direct for about seven months, so don’t feel pressured to solve these issues immediately; you have a long window of opportunity. While difficult times are ahead, they will help us grow as people.

Having two retrogrades end in one week is fairly surprising enough (something like this won’t happen again until early 2023), which is why it’s even more strange that both Jupiter and Mercury will end their retrograde cycles on the same day next week. I am very eager to write about this unique phenomenon, and I hope that you’ll be excited to learn about it in next week’s horoscope! If you’ve been reading this horoscope column for a long time, you might remember I wrote about Saturn’s retrograde in the first horoscope I ever published. It still feels surreal that I’m writing horoscopes for The Michigan Daily, and seeing this retrograde start and end makes me feel really excited for this column’s solar return (i.e. the column’s birthday). A lot has changed for this column, and I’m very grateful for everyone reading. I especially thank those who have read from the very beginning.


With Pluto on its direct path in your tenth house of career and aspirations, you should finally seize control of your professional life. If you’ve been planning a new project or pondering other career ventures, now is the time to actually explore those ideas and get to work. When Venus enters your fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you may find romantic interest and/or creative inspiration in your classes or travels. However, you may feel disorganized and unprepared to explore these ventures. Rather than envisioning a clearly defined future, just try to strike up a conversation or start aimlessly working on a creative project and see what options open up from there. When Saturn’s path becomes direct and enters into your eleventh house of friendships, discord may manifest in your friendships. As an Aries, you may generally be averse to compromise and stick closely to your own opinions. However, when navigating conflicts with friends, you should look at the situation from their perspective and come up with a solution together — even if that means apologizing.


When Pluto stations direct in your ninth house of philosophy (Oct. 6), invest your energy into your education and travel plans. You may have been thinking about trying out new courses or contemplating studying abroad. Now is the time to take action toward those plans, rather than just entertaining the idea. Your ruling planet Venus enters your eighth house of death and rebirth, indicating that you may let go of something love-related and undergo a transformation because of it. You may also finally let go of a creative idea that you’ve held onto for a long time, but you might find that your next piece of inspiration turns out more fruitful than the last. When Saturn stations direct in your tenth house of career and ambition, you may find unexpected difficulty in your workplace. Don’t be discouraged — instead, focus on identifying the issue and take appropriate measures to fix it.  


As a Gemini, you’re constantly exploring different interests and maneuvering your personality in order to fit in with any crowd. But is there something you’ve been repressing? While Pluto was retrograde, you may have been interested in making some sort of change, but you always held back. Pluto stations direct in your eighth house of death and rebirth, which is Pluto’s house ruler, granting you immense power to undergo a great transformation. Perhaps you have been afraid of judgment or failure as you pursue this new venture, but now is the time to quash those fears and start anew. When Venus enters your seventh house of partnerships, now is a great time to meet new people and form both romantic and professional relationships. Saturn stations direct in your ninth house of philosophy, meaning that you may struggle to understand your course material. You take learning very seriously, so this struggle may feel extremely personal to you. However, you must remain focused and organize your schedule by priority in order to overcome this.


Pluto stations direct in your seventh house of partnerships, which includes all kinds of relationships from romantic to professional. If you’ve been considering pursuing love or signing a contract, now is the time to commit. When Venus enters Sagittarius and your sixth house, you may feel the urge to be creative, but you have nowhere to channel your energy. You should try to implement a creative outlet into your schedule. With Saturn stationing direct in your eighth house of death and rebirth, you may be unwilling to let go of something that doesn’t serve you. Cancerians can often assign too much emotional importance to material things and people— undoubtedly it can be difficult to uproot something so ingrained in your heart. However, even though change sometimes hurts, it is necessary to get rid of whatever ideas, people or routines that do not serve you in order to make space for new opportunities.


When Pluto becomes direct in your sixth house of habits, put your energy toward organizing your space and restructuring your schedule. If you’ve been considering straightening up your office or beginning a new workout routine, now is a good time. When Venus moves into your fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you may find great creative inspiration. You should follow wherever this spark takes you. Although you are certainly not lacking any charisma, Saturn’s direct station in your seventh house of partnerships indicates difficulties in finding romantic and/or professional relationships. Perhaps you should put yourself in others’ shoes and assess the best way to appeal to them. The struggles caused by Saturn are challenging, but they are meant to help you grow.


Virgos are extremely meticulous and detail-oriented, which makes them extremely great workers but possibly a little hesitant to start something without planning every minute detail. You may have been thinking about a creative project, but you haven’t truly started working on it yet. When Pluto’s path becomes direct, you have the power to transform your idea into a great piece of work; you just have to set your inhibitions aside and start. When Venus enters your fourth house of home and family, use this boost in creative energy to redecorate your space. This is also a good time to talk to your family and reconnect with childhood friends. Saturn stations direct in your ruling house, the sixth house of habits. This indicates challenges in the organization of your space. You may feel too overwhelmed and exhausted, but simply picking things up off the floor might put you in a better headspace.


When Pluto stations direct in your fourth house of home and family, this is a great time for you to redecorate your home. Indecisiveness and the affinity for aesthetics are some of Libra’s most prominent qualities, so you may have thousands of ideas saved to your room decor Pinterest board, unable to decide what to buy. Rather than taking forever to make a choice, you may feel more satisfied with making a gut decision. Venus enters Sagittarius and your third house of communication, indicating a great time to socialize. Use this opportunity to make friends and have fun engaging in interesting and intellectual conversations. When Saturn stations direct in your fifth house, you may experience a creative block and receive a lot of critique, so try not to take criticism of your work too personally. Try to search for inspiration in places you haven’t looked before. 


You’ve been ruminating on your thoughts for a long time, Scorpio. You are much more intelligent and articulate than you might let on since you are so guarded. When your ruling planet Pluto stations direct in your third house of communication and intelligence, you’ll finally get the chance to showcase your intelligence in conversations and projects. Venus’s entrance into your second house of possessions marks a prosperous period for your love life. However, if you’re not looking for love, this is also a good time to work on your creative projects. When Saturn stations direct in your fourth house of home and family, you may find difficulties in your home life. Perhaps you feel homesick or there is some sort of issue or emergency in your family. It is easy to misplace blame onto yourself, but sadness and conflict are normal parts of the human condition. You may not be able to prevent whatever happens, but you can slowly overcome these challenges by relying on your family, whether blood or chosen.


When Pluto stations direct in your second house of possessions, your creative pursuits will finally begin to manifest. You love to explore different future prospects and meet new people, and now is a great time for that. Venus enters your first house of self, indicating a new start or a new chapter in your love life or career. Embrace these changes because they will benefit you in the long run. When Saturn stations direct in your third house of intelligence and communication, it may be difficult to grasp concepts in class and articulate your ideas. Though it can seem daunting, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask others for help. It may be useful to write down your ideas in order to organize them before you seek out the help of others. Ultimately this transit will help you learn the best methods of communication and how to focus your often-sporadic energy.


Capricorns are finally getting a break this week when Pluto stations direct in your first house of self, which is probably the best transit of the week (in my opinion). You may have been planning a new start, and now is your time to take action. You have total control over your appearance and your leadership, so be confident in yourself and your abilities. When Venus enters your twelfth house of imagination, your creativity will shine. Now is the time to explore any ideas for new creative projects, especially since Pluto’s direct cycle empowers you to start anew. However, no week is without its challenges. Some challenges in your love and/or work life may arise. You are great at thinking for the long-term, so you should consider how these current conflicts will affect your future. If these opportunities are too valuable to lose, then you should communicate in order to resolve these issues.


With Pluto stationed direct in your twelfth house of imagination, you’re seizing control of your creativity. This is helped by Venus moving into Sagittarius and your ruling house, the eleventh house of friendship. You may find creative inspiration in technology, social media and/or social justice. Aquarians are known to have extremely original ideas, so use this opportunity to get inspired and create something great. When Saturn stations direct in your first house of self, you may have difficulty adjusting to a new beginning. You may want to approach the situation by yourself, but you really could benefit from asking for help. This is a challenging time, but getting through it will help you feel more sure of yourself.


Pluto stations direct in your eleventh house of friendship. During Pluto’s retrograde, which encompassed all of the summer and the first month of the school year, you may have spent a lot of time and energy fantasizing about making new connections outside of Zoom. And if those dreams haven’t materialized at this point in the semester, you may be feeling very discouraged. Nevertheless, Pluto is empowering you to take control of the situation, so don’t give up hope! As a Pisces, immense creativity and an active imagination are some of your strongest assets, and Venus’s entrance into Sagittarius puts those skills to use. With Venus in your tenth house of career ambitions, you can bring all of your wildest dreams to your work. However, when Saturn stations direct in your twelfth house — your ruling house — you may struggle to manifest your creative ideas. Pisceans can sometimes be sensitive, so remember not to take criticisms of your work as personal attacks. If you can extract valuable information from critique, your creative pursuits will greatly improve.

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