Abby Schreck/TMD.
Content warning: This article contains mentions of violence

God says he modeled Dunya after Akhira
this life after paradise
and within each of us,
the seven heavens and the light
that lifted us from dust
to souls who choose from wrong and right

But oh how the angels are made to pay
in this life, their lives perish away from the blaze of rockets
like the flames of Jahannam
Surely then heaven and hell are the same

For oh how the children are made to pay
their beautiful futures erased by the inhumane 
who then celebrate
Surely then the devil exists within us too

Decimated to dust
parents are left with empty shoes

For oh how some act out of selfishness, sheer spite and rage
yet we’re told to keep our heads low and trust in faith

love all in faith
to hush in our homes and pray


to silently watch is to
flush millions of innocent lives away


to turn our backs now is to
crush the oppressed and forever lock them in their cage

I have full trust in God’s plan
but to turn my back now is to 
submit to the havoc of Shaitan

I have no trust in so-called leaders like Ono and Biden
For they stand on pedestals of lies
to be neutral in this one-sided affair 
is to blindly back the oppressor 

How dare they claim to care?

May Allah help us open their eyes
May Allah protect the innocent lives
May Allah free the people of Palestine

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This contributor has asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.