My family,

rose from the mud 

to make matters more pleasant for me. 

From my environment,

I cultivated primal instincts

and learned about survivability.

The king of our jungle had 

an igneous spirit.

Still I’ve come to learn that powers exist, 

which could move mountains.

This seemed impossible, 

I grew up idolizing the posture of a rock: 

the immovable object, the unaffected entity. 

Some things are above me and not 

because they’re heavenly;

but I miss when that meant,

the vast never ending sky.

I try to understand the underhanded

movements which control society.

Silently sliding my environment’s tectonics, 

unbeknownst to them this would leave my life 

reminiscent of the ground zero of 

a nuclear bombing.

We lived from the earth and paid the country’s dues,

worked hard to be polished people, 

doing what we had to do

to get through.

Lived off the earth, 

we bonded by nurturing its creatures, 

prepping grain in exchange for early morning melodies.

Unable to fulfill the hollow feeling


have left me with me,

unlike the deciduous tree who deals with ICE

in a seasonal stride.

But the sun will shine tomorrow and today

just as it did yesterday.

Together forever and never we stray.


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