“won’t you celebrate with me

what i have shaped into

a kind of life?” – Lucille Clifton

When I joined Michigan in Color in 2018, my goal was to find the language to describe my identity as a Black woman for myself. I wanted to be liberated from internalized misconceptions and controlling images that had left my self-determination stifled and misaligned. It is through Michigan in Color that I discovered the inherent beauty, joy and brilliancy in my Blackness. Thus, it has been one of my greatest honors to have been able to serve as Co-Managing Editor for Michigan in Color. As MiC has helped me cultivate my narrative, voice, purpose and self-love, I am thankful to have been a part of a platform that has helped others shape theirs. 

To my Podcast, Blog, and Creative Content Editors: I am in awe of what you have been able to accomplish. From the creation of the Creative column, our podcast and the expansion of the blog, I am so incredibly proud of your vision and direction. You have been instrumental in expanding Michigan in Color beyond the written page and increasing methods of self-expression. I hope that you all continue to foster your imagination and creativity and that you never stop pushing your ideas into reality. 

To the editors of the column: You have all been such a delight, and your hard work has not gone unnoticed. You all have been so amazing in helping us to continue the mission of our section. Each and every single one of you has expanded the capacity of Michigan in Color to serve students of color, and I will be forever thankful for your flexibility, dedication, and commitment.

To my wonderful, intelligent, beautiful Co-Managing Editor Carly: Thank you for everything. More than I can express, you are what has kept me solid throughout this journey. Your kindness, direction, and diligence is admirable, and the section is so lucky to have flourished under your leadership. In addition to being the best co-Managing Editor that I could have ever asked for, you have become such a dear friend to me, and I genuinely will miss the sliver of peace that you brought for me every Sunday. 

Lastly, to the new Managing Editors of Michigan in Color Maya and Ana: I am so incredibly excited about your leadership and visions for the section. You two were meant for this position, and I am confident that MiC is in powerful, capable hands. Know that my faith in you will never falter and that I will be supporting you for days and days to come. 

The Daily has become a second home, and I will remember it fondly for all of the laughs, challenges, and innovation that has come from its walls. It is such an honor to have been able to contribute to the legacy of the Daily and its commitment to journalistic freedom. The students here have all inspired me so much, and it is through the leadership and fellowship that I’ve witnessed from others that I have begun to believe in myself. 

Michigan in Color, you have been both the ends and the beginnings of my weeks for the longest that I can remember. You have been both the solace after a busy week and a burst of energy for the coming weeks’ trials. As MiC strives to amplify the voices of people of color, I look forward to carrying this commitment with me for decades to come. 


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