From a regular Monday to suggestions of complete-isolation, the world felt unstable last week and worthy of describing as surreal. As the days pass, I find myself continually crawling back into the observatory that is my consciousness. After all, it is the safest space I know, a place of true acceptance and understanding — I don’t mind us all hiding. Originally, this was furthest from the truth, but mental strength and emotional wisdom come with experience. As weird as it sounds, I like following the blood, whatever gets the rush going.  Adrenaline calls for the same reactions from your body, whether it’s because you’re riding a roller coaster, up to no good on a late night or confessing to a longstanding infatuation.

The key to true comprehension, in my opinion, starts with self-awareness. Nothing has affected my life more than being a hyper-aware, detail-oriented spectator. I only speak when there is something of substance to be said, I make sure to affect any environment I’m in. Look around us; this trait seems more elusive than one would anticipate, panic fills the streets as the capitalist shelves are emptied. Still, those meant to lead us are failing, the general population then struggles to compose itself. Some people don’t have a choice but to have a sense of urgency, since I’m privileged enough to remain calm — I will.  

As of recent, chaos engulfs our lives. There will be discomfort, there will be sacrifices, there will be vulnerability; but never forget the way you decide to respond to that creeping feeling of angst. It will serve to stand as a microcosm, one portraying all the probable outcomes in a world of endless opportunity.   


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