Fashion is a way that any individual can express their culture on an everyday basis –– and even more importantly, on the first day of school! This year MiC wanted to showcase the first day of school outfits of students of color who use their fashion to express their creativity and present themselves to the rest of the world. The students we are presenting have cultivated their style to truly express themselves as individuals. Please enjoy their fashion choices and the effort they put into expressing their identity in the form of fashion!


Sean Tran

My name is Sean Tran. I’m a third-year student and a MiC Off the Record blogger! I chose this outfit for my first day of classes because the top is a vintage 1940s shirt in my favorite color. I want to get into more sustainable ways to shop for clothes this year and stop supporting fast fashion, especially when there are secondhand clothes that are this cute and unique! My Hello Kitty backpack is peeking out from the bottom left corner—it’s a purchase that I made because I’d like to think that Hello Kitty is not only a baddie, but also an iconic woman of color.


Malikah Pasha

I love to either completely match, or use colors of same palette. While I decided to choose an array of blues for my nails, I sadly forgot about my closet — I barely own anything blue. However, I found this spearmint striped shirt-dress hiding in my closet. Even better, I’d never worn this dress before, so what better way to start off my junior year than in a new fit!



Chanel Barnes

Fashion gives me the ability to put together a piece of artwork everyday when I wake up. I want to let people know through my fashion that you are not subjected to a specific style and that you have the freedom to wear anything that sets your soul fire. This is the creed I live by! 


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