In the highest peak conflict between the Red Coats and Patriots over taxation came about the Boston Massacre, and its first victim was a man born from an African-American slave and a Native American: Crispus Attucks. This “American sacrifice” is often considered to be a courageous act to defend the rights of Patriots and start the foundation of America. However, it was that same country that would still consider him to be a commodity even after America was founded. Those same “heroes” he apparently fought for would also imitate and potentially criminalize his native people in the Boston Tea Party. It doesn’t make sense that Crispus would defend those same people who would disrespect him as a person. Considering that historians are still arguing over whether Crispus Attucks was even fighting for the Patriots, it could be said that Crispus was just a Black man killed as part of a country that would continue to harm and kill innocent Black people to this very day. From Trayvon Martin to Atatiana Jefferson, it appears Crispus Attucks was just the first of many victims of color.

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