Finally, a happy ending for Black women that has nothing to do with a man. We’ve seen all the stereotypical portrayals of Black women in media.

We’re angry. Too loud, too crazy.

We’re single moms. Lacking father figures and males in supportive roles.

We’re side chicks. Too freaky and too needy to be wifey material.

“Nappily Ever After” says forget all of that. It is the story of a Black woman raised to believe only perfection would get her the guy. A Black woman who struggled to realize her natural hair is beautiful and everyone who can’t see that is unworthy is her time.

I think a lot of Black women can relate to that. I sure can. Last summer, I did the big chop. A year or so before that I stopped getting relaxers. I didn’t think my hair was growing and over the year I stopped using harmful chemicals, my hair flew past my neck down my shoulders. So that summer when I cut all the damaged hair off, it was to my surprise and my mother’s dismay.

But I didn’t care. I was inspired by and in awe of my friends and their natural hair. You want to know what Black girl magic is? It’s the natural crown with which every Black girl is born. It’s her personal struggle to overcome and ignore society’s attempts to tame her. It’s the seven different hairstyles she goes through in just seven days searching for the one that helps her recognize how truly beautiful she is.

My journey with natural hair is one of self-love. I learned so much about myself and with every new natural style I mastered, I felt that much more comfortable in my own skin. As I crowned myself, I felt my confidence rise too.

Now, I’m not saying natural is the only way or that relaxers have got to go. I’m saying Black girls deserve to know their natural hair is more than enough. We deserve to know whatever look we choose to rock is our decision alone to make. We deserve to strut around without worrying that we will be seen as lesser for having our natural fro out or bald cut.

To all the Black women out there, relaxed, weave on, locks in, twists out, no hair, nappy selves, I want you to know that no matter what, you’re beautiful.

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