to everyone who has exoticized me:


of course

i’m sorry

chase couldn’t like me because he thought i was nice

or cute

or funny

chase had to like me because i was asian


my name couldn’t have come from the bible

my name definitely came from “the” chinese archives

probably written in hieroglyphics in some ancient mountain scripture



i couldn’t possibly be from cleveland

i needed to be born in a foreign farming village with a tongue twister of a province name


after all these years

i’ve had it all wrong

you see

i am finally understanding how you look at me

my black hair screams “submissive”

my brown eyes whisper “shy”

my golden skin cries “exotic”

i am a beautiful beta

ready for you to hypersexualize

you know the type

reserved but secretly sexually driven

soft-spoken but loud in bed




ready for you to court

ready for you to dominate


i’m so sorry i never saw things this way

it makes so much more sense

why you treat me the way you do


“i had an asian girlfriend once”



“i love asian girls”


am i supposed to be flattered or

“you’re really hot for an asian girl”

an oldie but a goodie

this one makes my heart swell with desire and gratitude!



asian women have long been crammed into this single image of being sweet and docile


but i am not your asian stereotype


and neither is the girl who sits next to you in lecture


or the server at your local chinese restaurant


we are all individuals


with our own personalities




and lives


and we were not put on this earth


to sit here


and listen to your heartfelt desires for a petite asian girlfriend


i am not exotic


i am simply


an asian-american woman

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