In this time of entropy it’s been important for me to take a step back and sink within to nourish my inner environment. It’s difficult to fight today’s battles when one has not fought enough for themselves. The state of the world is unstable enough to have us all on edge, which in turns causes many to turn to coping mechanisms both healthy and not. I ask of you today to continue to not only donate, sign petitions and protest, but to also channel your anger and frustration about the world’s events into creative expression. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write and do what you need to do to not carry the modern day burden of hate and grief. Use your emotions as a catalyst to change. Above all else, prioritize your mental and physical health. It is brave to love yourself passionately in this world, it is also a threat to the current U.S. power structure and so everyone must lean into that power. To love oneself in every hue and mood, as an act of civil disobedience. 


Making videos like this have helped me to stay grounded and remember the things that make this life feel full. Times may seem bleak but these memories will live beyond us. Here are a few moments from the last few months that have brought me peace.

Take care of yourselves, protect your peace.

-More informative pieces coming soon-

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