Hannah Nguyen (she/her)/MiC.

Feb. 5, 2022

Dear Hannah,

I hope when you’re reading this, you’re happy.

I hope when you’re reading this, everything you’ve worked for is coming to fruition. Your efforts aren’t going unnoticed. 

I hope when you’re reading this, Mom and Dad are finally content. You and Helen are stable because your parents were your biggest motivators whose only dream was for you two to succeed. Your dad has his dream space to craft model airplanes. Your mom is in her dream kitchen

I hope when you’re reading this, you are living in the present but remembering to reflect on the past. Try to remember that the reason you are where you are is because of everything that has led up to that moment. The past has grabbed you, shaped you and cemented you into the position you are currently in, so be grateful for what you have and appreciative for what you’ve been given.

I hope when you’re reading this, you are no longer overwhelmed. Don’t let history repeat itself with packed schedules and a flooded Google Calendar. Remember to allot time to spend with people who make you feel like there’s never enough time when you are with them. Be sure to take a break when a break is needed, to prioritize yourself and to not be afraid of letting things go, especially when your only attachment to them is having dedicated a lot of time.

I hope when you’re reading this, you are still spending time doing the activities you love: Reading romance novels and philosophical books because they give you an out when you want it most. Cooking with your friends because food tastes better when you make it and eat it with the people you want to surround yourself with for the rest of your life. Investing time into your wardrobe and curating outfits because it’s one of the things that makes you the happiest. Listening to music that puts you at ease and comforts you.

I hope when you’re reading this, you’re the same person as when you wrote this but even better. I hope you are still this sociable person who can match the energy around you. The hard worker who doesn’t apply herself too hard because she knows it will make her go crazy. The loving sister and grateful daughter. The dependable friend who maintains a few close friendships because they are infinitely more fulfilling than a hundred surface-level ones. All of this, but matured. And it’s okay if you aren’t like this — just make sure that if you’re different, it’s better. Improve yourself, but don’t forget to be proud of your growth. 

You are doing great. 



MiC Columnist Hannah Nguyen can be reached at hannahnn@umich.edu.