As Michigan in Color is expanding, we would like to extend this platform to all creative folx of color with this new founded creative column. From decolonizing and liberating artworks to artistries that express unique cultures and identities, creative expressions for folx of color have always pushed new radical boundaries. We invite all Black artists, Indigenous artists, and all artists of color with their intersectional identities to add vibrancy to this space.

These creative expressions include but are not limited to:

Photography, photo stories and series, videography, graphic design, zine projects, paintings, drawings, illustrations of all forms

These content will not only be showcased on the Michigan Daily website under MiC section, but it will also potentially be featured on Michigan in Color social media and our annual Open MiC Night!

Show us your politically engaged fashion, your video productions that shout your radical messages, your music creations of your story. We want to see your doodles and graphics that showcase your identity, paintings that reminisce your diasporic experience, photography that proudly shows off you and your community! The creative freedom for this space is unlimited.

If you are interested to be a columnist or a contributor for the creative column, please contact Sam So at or email


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