Mellisa Lee/Daily.

the necklace and my mother

amma opens the top drawer

of the dresser that’s older than i am

and pulls out a chain

it lays twisted but not tangled

it glitters but does not sparkle

it is old yet it feels so new

for i have never seen it

but i know already 

i love it

the chain wraps around her hand

waiting to be worn around my neck

amma hands it to me reluctantly 

she urges me to not lose it

are you too young for this?

she thinks out loud

but gives it to me anyway

and i wear it proud

proud of my mother 

who spent her first paycheck on this gold

proud of my mother 

who wore this gold when she got married

proud of my mother

who immigrated to the states with this gold 

proud of my mother 

who is always so proud of me

always wear it inside your shirt

she fearfully says to me 

you can’t lose it

she cautions me again 

i’ve worn it for seven years now

and i always will

because for the first time 

i think to myself

maybe something gold can stay


the moon and my father

blurry memories 

of sleepy car rides home

with everyone asleep 

but dad and me 

he points to the moon

and says to me,

if you look at the moon 

it looks back at you 

can you spot it?

he asks

it can always spot you

he tells me tales of when he was young

clouds of smoke would fill the sky 

and leave the night with darkness

monsters lurked in the trees

the city lay asleep

but he was wide awake

not one star to light the way

but the moon always did

he tells me about his bike rides at night

coming home later than he should

he would look at the moon

and they would return together

safe and sound

he tells me how he thought

there couldn’t be just one moon

after all,

how could only one moon always know 

his every move?

he had me convinced

and still does,

for my child-like mind 

finds comfort 

that in the scary darkness

the moon will light my path 

now as i walk

to my home away from home

i glance up at the moon 

just every now and then

and i can’t help but wonder

is he looking at the moon too?

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