In a week how things decay

Trying to keep up with the pace 

Of society feels like a race 

I don’t want to win


We know it all too well

The mind races on sand grains

Falling between the palms of the ocean water 

of shower water 

Under shower water

the salt tastes the same 

— Drown me out like music through the shades on good days

Grasping heavy with the longing of its depths 


Across highways not paved and in cities unkept

we exchange words and odes of solidarity 


Watching or reading Malcolm X and living in shallow hallows  

We explore complexities we never wanted to face 


Mi amor I think i met you before or maybe i’ll find you on a shore somewhere 

But until then i will hope you don’t fall from grace 


In spite of the world’s enduring state of entropy 

These things still exist: 



Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Listening to waves 

Looking at pictures from brighter days 

Herbal medicines 

Tea, elixirs 

My Mamí


I learned from a young age not to trust the values and the traditions of the ruling white elite class 

I decided to decide what is sanctified and righteous based on the actions of those i meet and love 


Entropy— we’re already there, brace for impact