I am American.

But deep down I feel and know,

I’m not American enough.

They say that

Because of my looks,


Because of my culture,

I am an outsider.

According to them,

I must know I’m different.

Even though I was born in America,

I’m always made sure that I’m aware of my own differences.


I thank my grandparents everyday.

Because of my life now,

They know they achieved the American Dream.

Because they gave me the opportunities they didn’t have,

I think of my grandparents constantly.

But sometimes I’m confused and


I’m even a foreigner in my “home” country, and I feel


They make sure that I know I’m

Not a pure-blood.

Though I look like them, they say I’m

“Too much like an American.”

My thoughts and the way I speak show

I’m white-washed.

I question if

I’m not Korean enough.

But deep down, I feel and I know,

I am Korean.


(read from bottom to top)


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