I guess looking up at the stars you get a sense of something much bigger than yourself.

You realize that in the grand scheme of things you’re not much but a speck in the universe.

But yet you sit and think for hours a day on how to change the world, or at least yours

You know time is socially constructed, but live and die by it.

Spending a lot of it on what I hope gives you a fulfilling feeling deep inside

Even in the moments that you wish you could get back, because you believe it was time wasted, but in reality it wasn’t because here you are right here, right now.

You start to realize that everything is connected, every small or big action you have done has put you in the exact spot you are in now.

Not a second too late, or early.

The butterfly effect starts to become very clear to you now.

So now you become mindful of every small action you do, hoping that at some point all the insignificant moments in your life start to culminate into a puzzle, if you will.

You live everyday with a limited perspective, until you have small epiphanic moments that broadens your perspective.

Ideals and situations that were once clouded, become clear as island water untouched by man.

Every breath you take, is much more refreshing because you realize the true value of every inhale and exhale.

The colors are more vivid, and purpose fuels passion.

The details of the hues become euphoric.

So now looking up at the night sky feels different, and the stars don’t feel so distant.

You realize that the grand scheme is made up of the small specks such as yourself,

And every person you come into contact with help you complete the bigger picture

So the importance of traveling and meeting new people can’t be stressed enough

And having the right people around you is doubly as important.

People come and go, and you have to learn a lesson from every situation you’re in.

The silver lining, is something I have an eye for; time doesn’t stop so we can’t stress trying to stop, reverse, or forward it

Every moment is a gift and a piece to your puzzle.


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