|Arab| |American|

They ask,

Are you Arab? Or American?

Do they not understand

That heavy things break through light boxes?


My affinity for grape leaves  

And ability to roll my Rs

Does not confine me between the letters |A and b|.


My childhood spent in Michigan

And the lack of any accent

Does not restrict me in between the letters |A and n|.


You have created neat categories

For messy ideas.

You have compartmentalized me.

My fondness for Kathim Al-Saher goes in the first box,

But my affection for Hozier goes in the second box.

My hair belongs in first box,

But my first name falls in the second box.

My religion falls in the first box,

But my education falls in the second box.

When will you learn

That heavy things will break through light boxes?

These categories that you have created,


And demarcated  

Do not confine me

As I am not either or,

And I am not both.


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